thirdworld / Goh Gayasit

Thailand / USA 1997
16:38 minutes / Shot on 16mm, finished on Digital, 4:3, Stereo / B/W
Director / Camera / Editor: Apichatpong Weerasethakul
Cast: Chumnan Boonyaputhipong, Paisit Phanpruksachat, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Nappaporn Kongkirati
Sound: Paisit Phanpruksachat, Adhinan Adulayasis
Production Assistants: Suppakchai Sihbutra, Supamok Silarak
Advisors: Chris Sullivan, Zeinabu Davis, Ed Rankus, Daniel Eisenberg
Produced at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Some footage in the film was taken from the material shot for
Mysterious Object at Noon
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1. It was like wondering…

2. …whether it was a boy or a girl.

3. There was another scary story… my brother’s son.

4. He was like a lump of meat, the size of a rat…

5. ,with a baby’s head.

6. His limbs were mashed together like a ball of chopped pork.

7. He might have been a premature-delivery.

8. No, he wasn’t born yet.

9. It seemed like we could see how old he was,

10. …like now he’s three months old…

11. We could see him develop on this plate.

12. A dinner plate?

13. (Title)---- thirdworld

14. My friends were going to a concert.

15. So they went out to shop for clothes, luxurious clothes.
16. Your friends over there?
17. Yes, I wore suit, but with shorts.
18. Didn’t match, did it?
19. What a character!
20. Why didn’t they go to the concert?
21. They were going to go,
22. , but my clothes were wrong for the occasion.
23. So you couldn’t go?
24. Not really…
25. Then there was one guy threw a bowling ball…downtown.
26. He held that white ball.
27. Where was the town?
28. Probably not abroad, maybe Thailand.
29. It might have been some place that was a mixture of places…
30. like my dream last night.

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30. ,like my dream last night.
31. I was walking underneath my flat in Huay Kwang.
32. The way I usually do.
33. But it wasn’t really my flat.
34. It was like another country.
35. It was an open plaza, like a department store…
36. ,with a big open hall.
37. And it was around six in the morning.
38. There were lots of different foods being sold.
39. But it also had part of ancient town.
40. …like an old stone-temple or a palace.
41. I was the only one who was walking around there.
42. I walked…no,…I floated in the air.
43. I floated and looked up…and saw ruins,
44. …rows of posts and lintels. On and on, like a computer game.
45. I kept looking up and saw a person walking along at a distance.
46. He kept asking me,
47. “What do you see? What do you see?”

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