A Letter to Uncle Boonmee (จดหมายถึงลุงบุญมี)
17:40 minutes / Digital, 16:9, Dolby 5.1 / Colour
Production: Kick the Machine, Bangkok; Illuminations Films, London 

A Letter to Uncle Boonmee is part of Primitive project, commissioned by Haus der Kunst, Munich with FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology), Liverpool and Animate Projects, London.

A Letter to Uncle Boonmee premiered at the Munich Film Museum on 20 February 2009.
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In Nabua in December 2008, I located several houses that I thought would be suitable as Uncle Boonmee’s house in the proposed feature film. This short film is a personal letter describing my Nabua to Uncle Boonmee.

The film is comprised of shots of the houses’ interiors in the evening. They are all deserted except one house with a group of young soldiers, played by some teens of Nabua. Two of them impersonate me by narrating the film.

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/tc 01:00:19:13 01:00:20:19
/file 0001

/tc 01:00:20:23 01:00:24:11
/file 0002
I have been here for a while.

/tc 01:00:25:05 01:00:27:07
/file 0003
I want to see a movie about your life.

/tc 01:00:27:12 01:00:31:14
/file 0004
So I proposed a project about your reincarnations.

/tc 01:00:33:13 01:00:36:17
/file 0005
In my script, your house is in a longan farm

/tc 01:00:36:21 01:00:39:08
/file 0006
surrounded by mountains.

/tc 01:00:39:13 01:00:42:17
/file 0007
But here there are endless plains and rice fields.

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