2 synchronized screens, 29:34 minutes (looped)
Colour, Dolby 5.1
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Each of the screens introduces different kinds of light as the day progresses from evening to night.

The first screen presents the light at the end of the day, it is masked by a shamanic smoke. A group of teens are on a vacant rice field. Not far away stands a spaceship which looks like a movie prop. In the field, the teens are playing around amid the smoke that is produced by a film crew. It seems like they have invented their own game. They randomly select someone from the group and everyone swarms around and gets on the chosen person. Then another person is attacked. Meanwhile, some form a group and sing. The atmosphere is a mixture of pleasure and violence. Then as evening approaches a ghost is standing in the rice field against the sunset. It (he or she) looks like a ghost from the popular old Thai illustrated novels - a hideous face under the sort of white sheet that is used to cover a corpse. The ghost is melancholy and standing in front of a swamp. Then it walks into the rice field. The sky turns dark. Suddenly the ghost bursts into flames. It continues on for a short distance until it tumbles over in the field. It’s night now, the fire spreads over the dry rice stalks and sets a small plot of land ablaze. The last section on this screen is a portrait of a spaceship and the teens at night. The spaceship is parked in an open field. Its rear door radiates a red light in the darkness. Inside, the young men are sleeping, dreaming. Their faces are illuminated with the red glow.

On the second screen is a candid portrait of the teens as they entertain themselves at the village sluice and in the ricefield.

These two screens of PRIMITIVE have a narration by a teen against the background of the sounds of the night. He talks about his discovery of the lights in the forest, the lights that revealed centuries of reincarnations. He also talks about the future where the city is full of images and the people can simply use a machine to see into their past.