Single channel video, 9:11 minutes (looped)
Colour, Dolby 5.1

The camera documents Nabua and its open spaces at night. In the semi-darkness, a part of a film crew is working on the ground at various places: a temple, a backyard, a rice field, and a riverbank. They are planting a chain of mini explosives. The villagers gather and watch the preparation. After a while at each place, they let the bombs go off.

From the sky there appear a series of lightning strikes that hit the ground, synchronised with the explosions. The animated white lines of the flashes are like those in the old sci-fi or horror movies. The flashes repeatedly hit the ground on the same or nearby spots, creating a flickering light that exposes the environment. It is as if a hail of bullets showered from the sky. Soon the ground is covered with smoke and dust. Then there’s silence. The film crew as well as the villagers leave for the next spot. The smoke hovers in the dark before it slowly disperses. The camera continues its leisurely pace, capturing the night landscape.

Installation view at FACT, Liverpool, 2009